Aren’t games something that made humanity a better place? If you like to play games, you can check out for a lot of cool casino games you can take pride in. However, not all games are played on the computer. Sports can also be said to be a type of games and they are still the most popular type of games around the world.

One place has a really great history when it comes to sports – Latin America. When you think about Brazil, it is inevitable not to think about soccer players such as Pele. Similarly, when you think of Poland, you have to think of Robert Lewandowski (you can read more about him here). However, soccer is not the only sport that is popular there. In fact, many countries in Latin America excel at various other sports.


Given that it’s the most popular sport, we are starting off with soccer. People really go nuts over their soccer teams in this part of the world, especially when they are cheering for their national soccer teams. You might think that only Brazil plays an important role here. However, Uruguay and Argentina are the World Cup winners as well. Furthermore, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama – all of these countries have splendid soccer teams.


The US affected many countries in South America with their culture, and this also includes sports. Therefore, some countries such as Cuba and the Dominican Republic really love baseball. There are a lot of talented players from these two countries who play in the US Major League Baseball and achieve outstanding results.


Boxing is huge in Latin America, and it is especially popular in Mexico. Mexico has given some of the best boxers of all time, and one of them is Julio César Chávez himself. In fact, he is the most celebrated sportsman in Mexico of all time. Therefore, if you decide to visit Mexico, make sure to check out their boxing rings.


Although it seems impossible, Basketball is actually the second most popular sport in Latin America and the Argentinian national team really stands out. The basketball team from Argentina is one of the most successful teams in history, up there with the US. However, soccer is still the #1 sport in this land.


Athletics is not really popular, but this doesn’t diminish the athletes’ quality in the countries of Latin America. They excel at the track and field, triathlon, and even race walking.


Next to soccer where they stand for the most successful team ever, Brazil also pays a lot of attention to volleyball where they might be as successful as in soccer, except that the sport does not get the attention it deserves. Brazilian volleyball players are some of the most skilled worldwide, and they have won all kinds of volleyball tournaments.


What you need to understand about the most of the countries in Latin America is that they pay a lot of attention to the sports and take victories and losses very seriously and personally. This is especially true when it comes to football.

Let’s take an illustrative example – the Institute for Geological and Atmospherical investigations in Mexico saw a change in the seismic activity after a goal was scored by a Mexican player. This happened because almost the whole nation jumped almost simultaneously. Imagine what would have happened if Mexico had won the World Cup.