The key feature in mobile phones today is their connectivity to the internet as it opens a whole new spectrum of possibilities. You can watch your favourite videos on popular websites like YouTube. Others use them for more practical things like communicating with their relatives abroad via different apps. If you have seen a review of William Hill sportsbook you will know that mobile phones are even used for betting. However, the most common use of internet on mobile phones is the social media. A modern mobile will let you share your favourite memories with your friends on Instagram or tell a story on Facebook. The options are truly endless.

History and the Evolution of Mobile Phones

The first mobile phone was introduced to the world in 1973 by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper of Motorola. The first in the long line of mobile phones didn’t have much to offer. They were designed to make phone calls across long distances without being restricted by cables or wires. In time, the higher demand for these devices created a competitive market, resulting in the evolution of mobile phones.

First mobile phone ever made weighed 2 kilograms, and even those first commercially available phones from 1984 were too big. Resultingly, mobile phone companies started racing as to who will release a mobile phone of tiniest proportions. It made the mobile phones more compact and easier to carry around. Eventually, the race came to a halt and functions became the top priority. Oddly, it resulted in the size of mobile phones and their displays increasing. Variety of features within the mobile phones required faster computers to process all the data. Subsequently, it created the most common phone of today – the smartphone.

Variety Is Good!

In today’s age, smartphones are so advanced that they are considered to be your personal computers which fit into your pocket. Some people even have two different phones, one for the family and friends and another one for business. When it comes to a mobile phone itself, there are multiple functions within them to make your life easier. Whether you need to write something down, write an e-mail, play games or even listen to the music, you can access it with a few taps or swipes of your finger.

More importantly, accessing the internet and the option to use the Play Store or the Apple Store are the best features one can find in their smartphone. There are millions of different apps you can get for your phone. Games, tools, programs – you name it. Each of those applications adds an extra function to your phone and every app you may think of probably already exists. All you have to do is find it and install it.


Mobile phones used to be considered a privilege. Today, one may even argue that they are a necessity. It is just one of the quality of life gadgets we don’t even realise how much we’d miss. Whether we use one for work or to simply stay in touch, the possibilities they offer are endless.